Industrial boilers-biomass refractory lining

CARF, a company specialising in the field of refractory lining, offers design, supply, assembly and maintenant of various refractory lining for industrial boilers and biomass. Awarded with the MASE certification, CARF proposes its specific skills in refractory lining in furnace works, industrial boilers and incinerator, within a frame where security, health and environment are main concerns. CARF’s clients within the industrial boilers and biomass fields include Engie Cofely, Engie Réseaux, CNIM, SCHMID, AIT STEIN GROUP,…

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In the field of industrial boilers and biomass, CARF offers prescription, study, supply and implementation of all types of refractory linings :

• Shaped materials : refractory bricks, shaped pieces, fibrous
• Unshaped materials :cast-vibrated concrete, flowing castable, gunning and ramming
And for all types of boilers :
– Water tube boiler
– Smoke tube boiler
– Fluidised bed boiler
– LBiomass boiler

CARF proposes its expertise and skills in mullite bricks and/or Andalusite boiler biomass linings.

CARF also works internationally for on site interventions or for exporting refractory solutions and materials.

CARF internationally

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