Supply of refractory materials

CARF, a company specialising in the field of refractory lining offers supply of various refractory linings for industrial furnaces and boilers.

CARF is able to offer, according to your factory needs, all types of refractory materials and linings used in the industry such as :

Refractory steel anchors AISI 304, AISI 310, AISI 330, 253MA and ceramics
Insulating panels (rockwool, calcium silicate, fibrous and microporous)
Fibrous materials from 1000°C to 1600°C : blankets, bulk, modules…
– Insulating bricks groups 23 to 34
Refractory bricks from 30% to 99% of AL2O3, fireclay, andalusite, mullite, corundum, silicon carbide
Insulating and refractory concretes : guning, casting, self-flowing, ramming
Dried out form pieces

CARF is involved in various industrial groups, in a variety of fields such as the boilers, chemicals, cement, incineration, metalworks, iron and steel, paper industry, petrochemicals and refinery.

CARF supplies its refractory materials to many industrial groups such as ARCELORMITTAL, TOTAL, VEOLIA, IMERYS, LAFARGE-HOLCIM, SMA, ENGIE, SAPA, CALCIA, ASCOMETAL, ORTEC, PETROINEOS, PMB ALCEN, etc…

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CARF also proposes to export these refractory materials and solutions internationally. Today, CARF works in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Algeria, Denmark, England, Switzerland and New Caledonia.

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